Top 7 Mobile Journalism Apps

By | on 26/02/2015 |

We’ve all had a time where weve seen a brilliant story but we simply don’t have the right equipment to capture it. But fear no more, you can carry aroud a whole studio literally at your fingertips, on your phone!

1. FilMiC Pro (App Store £5.99)

Although this App isn’t avalible on Android it is amazing on Apple Devices. Working on both iPad and iPhone this app allows you to lock exposure and focus so you get rid of thouse annoying transitions when your interviewee moves a bit. This app also allows you to capture great audio through the built in audio gain control and audio meter in the lower right hand corner. With this app you gain full control of your Apple device allowing you to create the video piece you want. But keep your eyes pealed as this app is regularly on offer for £0.99.

2. RODE Rec (App Store £4.49)

If audio is more your thing then RODE Rec could be just your cup of tea. Although RODE Rec is only avalible on the app store, this app is avalible free. The ‘LE’ version still records good audio although it does limit how you can share your audio. This means on the ‘LE’ version of the app you can only share your audio by Soundcloud, E-mail and audio transfer. To me this is enough as once I record audio I can post it on Soundcloud as private and edit it on my computer later. However, if your on the move it can have its limitations as you cannot edit your audio in the app. The ‘LE’ version of the app also restricts what format you save your files in with MP3 only avalible on the paid app. However, you can save your audio as a WAV and convert it later.

3. WordPress (App Store FREE)

Also avalible on Android, IOS and Windows Phone is WordPress. With the app being very similar to the website its a format we all understand and love. Allowing us to monitor our blogs and upload a mulitmedia piece anywhere, whenever we want. However, I found the process very time consuming compared to other forms of distributing stories. It is also a major advantage that with wordpress it is being uploaded to a website so anyone can access your stuff nomatter what device they use.

4. Storehouse (App Store FREE)

Although only avalible on IOS Storehouse is a multimedia story teller thats simple to use. The app is good on IPhone but it comes into is own on IPad with the graphics making each story pop out on the sceen.  Storehouse allows you to embed audio and video easily in text and pictures. This makes it one of the best ways to share a multimedia piece as its so easy to use. However, the app doesnt allow you to edit videos and pictures you put on the app so youll have to do them elsewhere. It also seams to lack users, the app is suposed to be very social allowing you to comment on other peoples stories. I find that the ‘Featured’ articles lack likes comments and reposts compared to other media outlets such as Instagram or Flickr.

5. Vine (App Store FREE)


With this app avalible on Android, IOS and Windows Phone this app is like instagram but shares videos instead of pictures. This allows you to record a story and distribute it fast with in app video and editing software. This app is also very versitile as the vidoe can be uploaded to other places such as websites and social media. Making this the go to app for fast distribution of stories. However, the app does have some limitations such as the majority of stories follow a set of three, two second frames. This could make the story hard to tell if its complicated as there is not enough video to explain the story.

6. Instagram (App Store FREE)

It maybe unusual to think of instagram of a way of telling stories however, it is becomeing increacingly more popular, especially within sports. You can use one photograph of the sport and put the score in the description and add a link to a match report. Youve told a story with the option of more detail. What makes Instagram so good is that you can upload a picture, edit it, add a description and post it almost instantaniously. Its also used by lots of people on many devices making your potential audience HUGE, however, this could be a problem as your story may get drowned out as 100’s of pictures are uploaded every second.

7. Stellar (App Store FREE)

Stellar is avalible nearly exclusively on IPhone, although you cna get it on IPad, it is still the IPhone app that you download which means you have to zoom in. This app allows you to create a digital flipbook with pictures and text to tell a story. This is a very interesting way to tell a story however, i cannot help but wonder if its a bit too different. The sort of stories that are on the app seem to be more of a photographic project rather than news or hard hitting stories. It is also a major limitation that the app is only avalible on IPhone limiting your audience massively.